Post #37 - Living large in 8 Ft2 with Bob and Linda Caffee

Written by Linda Caffee,

Days away from home - 42   

States visited this week – TX, NM, AZ, CA

Miles driven since leaving home – 18,207     

Week –  September 23rd – 30th

Slot Machines  

We picked up a few slot machines in Texas on Monday evening headed for a casino in New Mexico. Slot machines are touchy, or I should say the rules and regulations around them are touchy. The truck is sealed after loaded with new machines that have been blanket wrapped and secured so that they arrive in pristine condition. At the delivery, a representative of the Gaming Commission inspects the seal and then decides if the Casino can accept the load or reject the load. Next, the Casino orchestrates unloading the machines and at many places, we never touch the slot machines. The best part of these loads is we are usually able to spend the night at the casino and are ready to deliver the load first thing in the morning. On this particular trip, we were scheduled to unload at six in the morning and they were ready for us. We elected to stay at the Casino a bit longer to see if another load would come through.

Next Load – Phoenix

In a short period of time, we were offered a load picking up 417 miles away and if we could get there by 4:30, they would load us or we would have to wait until the next morning. We looked over the route and we could stay on I-40 to Flagstaff and down to Phoenix on I-17, or we could cut cross country which was going to cut off over 100 miles.  Many, and I mean many years ago when we were in a tractor-trailer, we were routed from Scottsdale through some of these back roads and through the Salt River Canyon and I swore NEVER AGAIN. At that time, we had picked up a very heavy load that was a little over 80,000 lbs. and off we went oblivious to what lay in front of us until we started down the switchbacks at a very slow speed. By the time, we reached the bottom and the million and one cars zipped by us, Bob and I were both drenched in sweat and the brakes on the trailer were warm. We let everything cool off as we looked up the walls of the canyon knowing we were going to have to claw our way out as we looked at the switchbacks.  Finally, off we went and before long we had a million and one cars behind us again and were relieved (as well as all of our followers) when we finally reached the top and they could pass us. Well, it looked as if we were going to have to do the canyon again, but now there is a wonderful road around the canyon that is four lanes and is a very beautiful drive and we made it to the customer in time to load and start off for our next delivery. We were able to deliver before noon and before long we had another offer that was really great and we were excited. About an hour into heading for the load, it canceled and down in the dumps we went. Then came another possibility but we had to wait till the next day to confirm. Well, we woke to an email saying the load was going to be too heavy for our truck so that option was out. Now we wait again to what will happen.


Week in Review

Our week really turned out pretty well with one pretty good scare. Texas is getting a lot of rain that is coming from New Mexico and we drove through all of it. As I was heading west on I-40, I believe in Gallop, I came around a curve and here came a big truck in the median spraying mud all over my side of the road. The driver of the big truck kept it upright and got the truck stopped before hitting the cable barrier, but they sure made a mess of my side of the interstate. All of us got through the mud just fine and it was several miles down the road before I saw the police heading towards the scene. Once we reached Arizona, the rain stopped and the rest of the week was clear sailing with great weather, but the truck was filthy and as soon as possible we had it washed for the grand total of $50.50.

Wishing you safe travels.  Till next time,

Bob & Linda.


Commercial Driver Expediter

Linda Caffee

About Linda Caffee

Bob and Linda started their driver careers after their children left home for college in 2000. Bob started as a driver for a large motor carrier with Linda as a rider. They decided to enter the Expedite industry as team drivers in 2005. Both, Bob and Linda have had their Class A licenses since the early 80's starting out driving in the oil field and hauling grain as fill in drivers where Bob worked as a diesel mechanic. Linda worked at the local country courthouse in data processing. Bob and Linda have become industry leaders by sharing their use of new technology and techniques to improve performance and living standards while on the road.


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