Post #38 - Living large in 8 Ft2 with Bob and Linda Caffee

Written by Linda Caffee,


Days away from home - 49

States visited this week – CA, AZ, NM, OK,AR, MO, IL, IN, KY, WV, VA, MD

Miles driven since leaving home – 23,451   

Week – September 30th – October 7th

We are dragging…    

As we had hoped for and beyond our wildest dreams, we had a fantastic load offer going from California to Maryland, ASAP pickup, as well as delivery (3103 miles).  One thing about our way of life within expediting, we always have to be prepared to drop everything and drive straight through as many miles as it takes till delivery.  Before we had gone 100 miles, we had another load offer picking up as soon as we delivered from Dulles, VA to O’Hare Airport in Chicago.  Luckily the load to Chicago could not deliver till 8:15 in the morning so we were both able to sleep in a non-moving truck for a couple of hours once arriving at the consignee.  By this time, we were almost out of hours and were planning on heading over to a local truck stop to get caught up on rest and chores, but nope, the phone rang again…

Cross Country map.jpg

Can’t say NO

As we were on our way to the truck stop the phone rang with a short load that we had enough hours to run.  The load picked up in Chicago going to Oklahoma City and was a small load of store fixtures that would require a lift gate as well as inside delivery.  We were delivering to a high-end store that was in a brand-new shopping center. Freight is just crazy and before we had gone far, we had another call about a load picking up on Friday and delivering in California on Monday, which gave us just enough time to get a restart and be able to say “Yes” to that load.  On our day off we have a lot to do such as laundry, clean and vacuum the truck, and get all of our receipts scanned and filed away.  We do not often drive this many miles in a week and not only are we enjoying the miles we are sure enjoying the income!

Week in Review

From having a good load cancel and then get another load that was almost as good, we just never know!  That is something that we really enjoy about our industry is the unknown of are we going to sit or are we going to run our butts off.  Either way, the key is to always be ready to run when we have the hours and make the most of our hours as well as our income.  Our goal is to run as much as we can right now as our first grandchild is due to be born in November and we plan on shutting down to be with our daughter and son in law when Paige decides to make her appearance.  Our goal is to get far enough ahead that there is no stress in November and December as we spend time with our family.

Wishing you safe travels.  Till next time,

   Bob & Linda

*Editor’s Note: Congrats Bob and Linda for the (on the way) new addition to the family!

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Bob and Linda started their driver careers after their children left home for college in 2000. Bob started as a driver for a large motor carrier with Linda as a rider. They decided to enter the Expedite industry as team drivers in 2005. Both, Bob and Linda have had their Class A licenses since the early 80's starting out driving in the oil field and hauling grain as fill in drivers where Bob worked as a diesel mechanic. Linda worked at the local country courthouse in data processing. Bob and Linda have become industry leaders by sharing their use of new technology and techniques to improve performance and living standards while on the road.


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