Post #41 - Living large in 8 Ft² with Bob and Linda Caffee

Written by Linda Caffee,


Days away from home - 8.5              

States visited this week – TX

Miles driven since leaving home – 1,944

Week – November 4th – 11th


We did a short load while waiting for Paige to be born in San Antonio.  A tractor-trailer needed a truck with a lift gate to unload the trailer as there was not a dock. It was an easy load, 13 skids and almost 8000lbs, so not too much weight per pallet.  The location was about twenty miles from where the truck is parked and we needed to meet the tractor-trailer by 8:30 in the morning. In our typical fashion, we were about two hours early. Being early gave us a chance to scope the place out and decide where we could unload the trailer the easiest.  There was a large shopping center nearby with plenty of room for us to back up to the trailer and transfer the pallets using the lift gate.  We have a Palfinger Lift Gate and it is awesome to use.  The gate is self-leveling which works great on a slant, has feet controls so that we can keep both hands on the freight, and it has a large platform.  We made two trips to get all of the pallets and had the job done by about 9:30 in the morning. 

lift gate.jpg

TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System

We have a TPMS on our truck and while this product measures the tire pressure in our tires as well as the temperature we still need to visually inspect the tires and verify. While out in California, Bob was visually inspecting our tires, and found a bolt in the tire tread.

bolt in tire.jpg

We have different tire treads we run in the summer than we do in the winter and we knew when we got home we needed to put on our winter tires.  We took the truck to the Petro Travel Center shop and while they were inspecting the tires they found another smaller nail near the sidewall of our wide base single and determined the tire could not be fixed. Through the company that we are leased to we have a great tire discount but we cannot get the discount information at night or on the weekend.  Bob decided to buy a used tire that would get us home and he found one that had pretty good tread.  The tire was about $400, which was pretty reasonable compared to a new Michelin tire.  We picked up our load and drove to Eloy, Arizona and Bob once again looked over our tires and noticed a small and I mean very small bulge on the sidewall of the tire.  He drove the truck to the TA, Travel Centers of America shop and showed them the tire as well as the receipt that we had just bought the tire the day before. TA/Petro has a 7-day return policy on used tires that we did not know about. Talk about thrilled customers, we had the tire changed with no cost to us. 

San Antonio, Texas

On Tuesday Brandy has a doctor’s appointment and I went with her.  She has had a problem with swelling in her feet and they decided it would be best to get her checked out at the hospital.  Once we made it to the hospital they determined that they would keep her and induce labor.  On Wednesday evening Paige was born at 9lbs, 21.75” and in perfect health.  Mother and baby both made it through everything fine and were able to come home on Friday.  We will stay as long as needed to help them get settled in before we go back on the road.  Picture of Paige and her proud grandmother Linda less than 24 hours old.


Week in Review

The week was very stressful, we were able to make a little money, and I was able to watch our first grandchild be born.  Probably not a week we will soon forget. 

Wishing you safe travels. Till next time,

  Bob & Linda.

**Editors Note** Congratulations from the Onspot Team!


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