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How Onspot Can Improve Your Daily Life

Written by Lucas Gulino, July 20, 2017

Whether you are picking up household waste in isolated villages, driving children to school early in the morning, or delivering to customers awaiting their orders, drivers are almost always on the road. The open road can be great, but sometimes, the conditions can change to much less than favorable in a matter of minutes or even a couple miles.

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5 Tips for driving a school bus in adverse conditions

Written by Eric Jones, September 22, 2016

School bus drivers are our heros

At Onspot, we have a lot of respect for school bus drivers. Taking the responsibility of safely transporting dozens of children is no small task. We spend a lot of time make sure our products are safe and dependable for these important drivers.

We know there are some big differences between a school bus driver’s work environment and that of other commercial operators. The school bus driver is not working alone in the cab, they are inside the bus filled with chatting and laughing kids. They may not be delivering goods to impatient customers, but are instead carrying our society’s most valuable asset– children. This alone is a stressful thought for any driver.

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