Post #55 - Living large in 8 Ft² with Bob and Linda Caffee

Written by Linda Caffee,


Days away from home - 4              

States visited this week – MO, IL, IN, AL, FL, MS, LA, and TX

Miles drove since leaving home – 2,191

Baby Sitting is for the Young

We made it home from Portland and I immediately repacked my bags. I was spending a week in Dayton babysitting, and then a day in Fort Wayne, IN talking to Bolt Custom Truck about our next sleeper. The reason for the babysitting in Dayton, OH is that Brandy was attending a two-week school on Wright Patterson AFB and she needed help during the day. Without a second thought, we all said YES!

Four-Month-Old Paige 


Over time, we forget how to manage time when watching a baby. After three days in Portland, I had some catching up to do on paperwork. Paige had other ideas and when she was awake she was active. We had tummy time and then she had a little jumper she would sit in and play but the world would come to a stop when she was hungry. She would go rapidly from smiling to hangry in seconds and I had better have the bottle ready. Paige is pretty easy going as she is a breast-fed baby and our daughter Brandy is able to produce enough milk that Paige has never had formula. She also does ok switching from the breast to a bottle and really does not care what temperature her milk is when eating. I quickly learned it was not about my schedule and when Paige would sleep I ran around like a mad woman starting laundry, putting away clothes, washing dishes, and getting my shower. If time permitted, I worked on my writing. I had hoped to get a lot of work done on my cross-stitch, but made very little progress. By the end of the day, I was exhausted and glad that Brandy took over the care of the baby. Lucky for all of us, Paige is a very easy going happy baby and my favorite part; she wakes up with a smile on her face. Yep, she takes after her mom and me, she is a morning person.


The week flew by and before I knew it, Bob and our oldest daughter were on their way to Dayton, OH to spend Easter with us and then Bob and I would leave as Nicki is Paige’s babysitter for the next week. On Saturday, we visited the National Museum of the United States Air Force located at Wright Patterson AFB. The Museum is huge and is located in four huge hangers that are connected. We took one of the guided tours in hanger four that consisted of experimental planes, as well as planes from the presidential suite that we were able to go into.


The museum is overwhelming and takes hours to go through. I would suggest touring one hanger at a visit as there is so much to see. Taking a tour from a volunteer is also a great way to learn little known tidbits about a plane and also how the plane became part of the museum. I hope we are able to go back as we sure did not see it all. Easter morning, we prepared a simple meal as our accommodations, where nice, they were also sparse in the number of pans and bowls we could use. Brandy and I had colored eggs the night before and Paige promptly dumped many of them onto the floor.

On to Bolt Custom Truck

We left Monday morning for Fort Wayne, IN to meet with Bolt representatives to talk about our next sleeper. We toured a couple of sleepers that were being built and were of the two sizes we were looking for. Afterward, we all sat down in a conference room to decide what was and was not feasible. We wanted to change some things from what we have now and then add a few different items to the new sleeper. One, of course, is the shower, and a very exciting option is to have a tiled floor. We have started researching self-composting toilets but not sure we will have one in this sleeper to start off with. There was much discussion of colors and with this truck, I am wanting a gray interior and then will use accent colors to brighten it up. Another exciting feature is to have a window above the sink that I will be able to look out of. There are some really fun ideas floating around and we will see how it all comes together.


Back to Work! 

We made it home on Tuesday and picked up our German Shepard, Texas, at the kennel and started loading the truck. Yep, we have a load! We were picking up in Saint Louis headed to Florida on Wednesday, and almost as soon as we accepted that load, we had another picking up at the same dock going to Fort Worth, Texas! It’s pretty exciting to get back into the groove with two very nice loads. After delivering in Fort Worth on Friday morning, we took another short load picking up in Dallas delivering straight through to Katy, TX at a movie theater.  So, we left the house on Wednesday at 11:00 am and delivered in Katy, TX at 7:00 p.m. for the distance of 2191 miles! On our way to Katy, we were offered a load picking up on Monday in Austin, TX going to Iowa and then back to Oklahoma, which sure fits with our schedule of staying in the center of the country for this next week. We will be visiting a few Casinos in that time.


We are very thankful that we have the type of business where when a family member needs our help we can be there. Taking care of our granddaughter for a week was something I have dreamed many years of being able to do. She is a treat to be around and I value all of the time I can spend with her and of course her mother. Working on deciding our next sleeper and truck is a work in progress. Bob is taking care of the plethora of truck details and I am worrying about the sleeper and getting it right. We do not want so much sleeper that we do not have enough room to haul our normal amount of freight and be able to pay for our truck and sleeper. Our business has to be able to be profitable and our wants have to stay in check.

Wishing you safe travels. Till next time,

       Bob & Linda.

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Bob and Linda started their driver careers after their children left home for college in 2000. Bob started as a driver for a large motor carrier with Linda as a rider. They decided to enter the Expedite industry as team drivers in 2005. Both, Bob and Linda have had their Class A licenses since the early 80's starting out driving in the oil field and hauling grain as fill in drivers where Bob worked as a diesel mechanic. Linda worked at the local country courthouse in data processing. Bob and Linda have become industry leaders by sharing their use of new technology and techniques to improve performance and living standards while on the road.


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