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Written by Lucas Gulino,

Our company tagline “saves lives, deadlines and reputations” is not just a catchy slogan, we believe our system has realized its objective. Whether you are a professional transporting goods, people, or in public service, your vehicle is your means to completing your work. You must have control of your vehicle whatever situation you find yourself. Let’s review together how Onspot can get you out of difficult situations.

Good knowledge, Good Use

camion + inter webIf you look at your drivers’ manuals, is it written anywhere that “Onspot should be activated before reaching an incline, making a short stop, braking or other more difficult maneuver?” In fact, to get the maximum benefits of Onspot, we recommend that you activate the system before arriving to a difficult situation. But, what does that really mean? Let’s consider a stop at a traffic light. Imagine the road is a bit slippery due to winter conditions such as freezing rain, snow or ice. You see in the distance the yellow light that will turn red, so you begin to reduce your speed to be able to come to a complete stop.

It's time to activate Onspot!

Why? Activating the chains before the stop will engage the chains flinging them under the tires, reducing the braking times until your stop. And, when the light turns green, you will benefit from additional traction when you resume driving.

Conquer a Hill with Onspot

Carrying people, goods, or even collecting waste, drivers may encounter different terrains such as roads in the mountains that can be difficult to access! When your wheels spin, you are losing traction and you think how do I get out of this stressful situation? From the safety of the drivers’ seat, activate Onspot - and conquer the hill!

This is what Johan from Swedish music group The Haaks did!

Over the years, we have been told many stories about how Onspot helps people do their job and save lives. We hope that these stories will help you better recognize Onspot and how the system can help you in these dangerous driving conditions.

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